Commodia, Octopia & Labyrinth displayed at Venice Design 2016

During the same period of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, the European Cultural Centre presents its exhibition “VENICE DESIGN 2016” in one of its prestigious Palazzi in Venice, Palazzo Michiel. 

VENICE DESIGN 2016 is one of the first exhibitions to show current design developments during the Venice Architecture Biennale.  It brings together international set of designers of diverse cultural background, young, senior, established and emerging.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate that design might have a bigger canvas than just creating beautiful functional objects. It is a chance for the spectators to see clever, unexpected solutions for the use of space and also to create a more conscious relation towards the daily surrounding and help to enlarge the awareness for the extraordinary impact design has on the way humans feel, reason and behave – in short, on their existence.

In the framework of VENICE DESIGN 2016 Eckhard Beger and ArteNemus will present 3 creations. Commodia and Octopia are based on organic shapes while Labyrinth is based on an architectural approach. All of his works are characterised by outstanding craftsmanship.