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With a distinctively contemporary aesthetic, Commodia is a tribute to great works of the past.  Through a novel language that breaks away from straight, angular lines, ArteNemus succeeds in capturing all dimensions of the surrounding space.  The shapes are lavish and sensual.  The authority of the curves reaches a near metamorphosis.  The powerful design is magnified by the grain of the wood, underlined by the pure elegance of contrast, truly commanding attention.

International Design Awards (USA) 2013: First Prize ⎪ London International Creative Competition 2012: Finalist Award ⎪ A’Design Awards (Italy) 2013: Bronze Award

Design Venice 2016 logo

Commodia was displayed at Venice Design 2016 in the context of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016.

Commodia India Black is clothed in Indian Rosewood and African Ebony.

Dimensions L x W x H: 196 x 65 x 70 cm

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