eckhard_beger_artenemus_literis_lux_bookshelf_4_2016 eckhard_beger_artenemus_literis_lux_bookshelf_3_2016 eckhard_beger_artenemus_literis_lux_bookshelf_1_2016 eckhard_beger_artenemus_literis_lux_bookshelf_2_2016

Literis Lux by ArteNemus is bookshelf made from a satin finished stainless steel structure and smoked glass panels. The graphic shaped outline of the structure gives the shelf its architectural appearance which is complemented by the semi transparent glass panels.

Dimensions W x H x D: 160/124/94 x 202 x 40cm

A’Design Awards 2016: Bronze Award I London International Creative Competition 2016: Honorable Mention Award I International Design Award (USA): Honorable Mention Award

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